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X Ray Baggage Scanner TS-100100D – Baggage Scanning Machine Best-performing Technology

TS-5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner Product Description

Airport Baggage Scanners

X Ray Baggage Scanner security screening equipment widely used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, government buildings, embassies, convention centers, exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls, major events, post offices, schools, logistics, industrial inspection and other places.Model characteristics and configuration: All parts imported , clear image, strong penetrating power, long service life, using the latest international standards
X Ray Baggage Scanner Work Principle

Equipment complete the examination by means of that belt making the baggage into the X ray inspection lanes. Luggage into the X ray checkpoint to stop the package detection sensor,the detect signal was sent to the system control part to generate X ray trigger signal,. After a bunch of X ray fan-shaped collimator beam passing through the items on the belt, X-rays were absorbed by seized items, finally, Bombarding dual-energy semiconductor detectors installed in the channel. The X ray into the signal through detector, these weak signals are amplified and sent to the signal processing box for further processing.

TS-100100D X Ray Baggage Scanner Specification:

TS-100100D X-Ray Baggage Scanner


1.display:19 inch(or bigger size) large industry screen display
2.the detector: bin song,Japan imported detector
3.single X ray source: the kernel is the America imported tube
4.the drum: linear Germany Yintono drum
5.belt: green belt of low noise
6.color: black and white, color, black and white contrast reversal
7.processing system: industrial grade DSP embedded processor
8.operation interface: floating, soft touch button operation
9.toolbox: one special toolbox
10.button keyboard and mouse: each one

TS-100100D X-Ray Baggage Scanner


* Multilingual operation

* Automatic built in test and self diagnosis

* Secure access Key

* Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

* Threat alert and material classification

* Auto archiving

* Network-Ready

* Energy saving design

* One key turn off

* Drugs and explosives inspection

* Indication of the date and time

* baggage counter

How much you know about X Ray Baggage Scanner Machine Working Principles?

X Ray Baggage Scanner Machine Working Principles

X-ray is an electromagnetic wave that has a strong penetrating ability, can penetrate certain thickness of steel. So often used for fluoroscopic imaging of the inside of an object. The X Ray is initially discovered by German physicist Roentgen in 1895. Well, after discovered in 1895, X-rays were first applied to medical imaging and diagnosis field. And in the following hundred years, they have been used in medicine, security inspection, non-destructive inspection, industrial testing or other fields. It has played a great role.


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