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Mini portable x ray baggage scanner machine SR5S

SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner Description

Airport Baggage Scanners

SR 5S is a portable, battery powered X-ray security inspection equipment designed by HZ.The wedge image design allows the operator to get the image into very confined spaces , the rectangle style image is suitable for scanning abandoned bags and suspicious packages. The target is placed between the x-ray generator and image. Ideal for use by Border Control and Customs,Mass Transit Locations,Stadia and Events,Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD),High Security Buildings and Facilities

SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner Features

SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner

High penetration with sub-millimeter resolution

Designed for rapid deployment and easy use

Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools

User-friendly software

Two waterproof and rugged carrying cases

300mm×250mm imaging area.

Penetrating up to 12mm steel at 150kV

SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner machine

SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner Software Features:

(1)   The detector can capture x-ray perspective image from suspicious package.

(2)   There are many image processing functions, such as “Mark”, “pseudocolor”, “Binaryzation”, “Histogram”; “relief”, “Rotation”, “Zoom”, “Mirror”, “Negative”; “Edge Extraction”, “Threshold”, “Constract”, “Grayscale”, “Wide Dynamic”, “Sharpen”; “Freeze”, “Image Measure”, “Manual Jigsaw”

(3)   There are buttons “New”, “Open”, “Close”, “Save”, “SaveAs”, “Print”, “Exit” etc.

(4)   Image storage ability: more than 10000 pictures which can be removed by internet or USB Port.

SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner Specification



Operating Mode

Pulse, it can launch 4000 pulses after change.

Best Detecting Distance



5.5 Kg (with battery)

X-ray Leakage Dose Rate

Less than 200µGy/h and 20µGy/h at the distance of 5cm and 1m away from the surface of x-ray tube.

Penetration Capacity

12mm steel


3mR per pulse



X-ray Tube Lifetime

10 million pulse life(The tube can be replaced)

Resolution Ratio

It can penetrate 16mm aluminum to see 38AWG wire.

X Ray Image

Imager Size


Imaging Window



5.5Kg (with battery)

X-ray Detection system

hypersensitive CCD X-ray detector (1600*1200 pixel)

Dynamic Range:

14bit(16383 gray)


12V lithium batteries

Power Supply

8 Hours

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity

10%~90% (no moisture condensation)

Imaging Station


Lenovo or HP Laptop


Dual Core


RAM:2G ,Hard Disk:500G

Operating system

Microsoft Windowns 7


AC and DC Batteries












































SR5S Mini portable x ray baggage scanner Packaging & Shipping

Packing details

carton packing

1 set/ctn

Packing Size:550 x 340 x 250 mm

Gross Weight:5.5kg

Shipping methods

By air   (57daysmost expensive)

By express (3-7daysmore expensive)

By sea    (15-28days, cheapest)

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