Inspection and metal detector gates - X-ray gates and inspection of cars, bags or metal detectors

At GoldRush, we offer you a wide range of advanced security devices to protect you with the latest international professional technologies that help you detect metals, inspect bags, cars, and other important security methods in addition to providing excellent pre-purchase training by experts and specialists.

Gold Rush Safety Check Products

X-ray safety inspection systems
They protect people, airplanes, airports, ships, state borders, infrastructure, and collective projects from serious threats such as arms trafficking, drugs and terrorism.
Full body X-ray examination systems
This type is used to protect and inspect checkpoints at border crossings, prisons, airports, government buildings, and other places that require a high level of security. One of the most important features of this type of systems is that it can detect all dangerous and illegal substances, including liquid explosives. Though hidden in the human body, these scanners work much wider and more accurately than metal detectors.
Inspection devices for goods
X-ray inspection systems to detect smuggled materials and threats in goods, including goods of unknown origin, drugs, weapons, explosives, and because of the importance of two-wire provided to you because it is the best solution for the examination of border crossings, trucks, goods, passenger cars, seaports, customs and can even Also check the speed of vehicles and trucks passing through security checkpoints with ease.
Checking systems for bags, packages and small baggage
These systems are needed by post offices, transport companies, customs facilities, airports, and two-wire models of these systems are very effective and provide the security protection you need.
External and internal metal detector gates
It can detect metal with several people at a time.
Includes LED indicators and multiple detection zones.
Management of the security system.
Multiple locations.
High sensitivity metal detector, weapons and mobile phone.
It is characterized by its high accuracy of work and its ability to detect anything suspicious and abnormal.

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With GoldRush Metal Detection Systems and Gates Discover what is inside bags and cars Protect your facility, company or organization from any threat.
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